When to Break Up with a Girl: Signs to End a Relationship

Maintaining a long term relationship to put it mildly, ain’t no joke. Two people can often meet and during their initial time together, their lives can be almost perfectly in sync in terms of their goals, personalities, and temperaments. However, people do change over time and sometimes, that change leads them away from their friends, family, and even their relationship partner. In other situations, you may have gotten involved with someone who is perfectly nice and attractive but isn’t completely the right fit for you or what you want your lifestyle to be. In still other cases, you have become involved with a hidden disaster, someone who played the part until she got her claws into you and you now realize is borderline psychotic. In any situation you may find yourself in, knowing when to end a relationship with a girl, is a highly important skill to have. Sticking around for longer than the expiration date on a relationship, rarely turns out well and often just drains you of time, energy, and resources. It can be highly difficult to let go and say goodbye once emotions are running so deep but taking the best action for your own well-being is always the right move even if it doesn’t feel that way. Here are a few of the signs you should be on the lookout for when considering exiting a relationship.

Too Much Fighting

All relationships have disagreements and occasional spats, it’s just the nature of the game. However, constant argument and possible physical escalation leads to a toxic coexistence that is better to be rid of than to try and mend broken fences. You might think that because things didn’t used to be this way, it can be resolved, and things will be how they were. Yes, the fighting may calm down a bit but things don’t revert back to how they were in the past. Bottom line, if she is driving you up a wall with the constant bickering, consider that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other girls who tensions won’t be so high with and that it might be best for the both of you two go your separate ways.

She’s not a Project Home, Don’t Invest in “Fixer Uppers”

I’ve been involved in a few of these myself. Relationships with girls who are physically good enough for your tastes and are cool to hang out with BUT beyond that there are glaring problems. Real change in behavior and/or personality can be a challenge to undertake, when it’s your own behavior and personality. Trying to get someone else to change for your own benefit? Good luck. It can be something as simple as not having the same underlying goals as your girl has, different ambitions lead to different places. Don’t settle just because you have someone decent and then try to fix them up later or make huge concessions in your life to accommodate her because she’s your ‘best option’. Bad choices can be costly to your future well-being and it’s best to separate now before things go any further.

The Attraction and Passion is Lacking

Things tend to cool off some as a relationship matures and familiarity sets in but if things are getting so bad you’re constantly looking towards other girls then you might want to move on. Don’t stick around just to keep going through the motions of the relationship, if you think deeply on it and decide that you’re not happy, then you should leave.

***I’m against staying in a faltering relationship in most cases but if you still want her,  here is a program to help you with that.***

Respect Shall Be Paid

Respect is the foundation of all relationships, without it, they’re doomed to failure. If your girlfriend is seriously lacking in this department and isn’t supporting you or respecting you like she should then you should strongly consider moving on. How does she treat you, your career, what you like, your personal time? Is she constantly belittling you? Disrespecting what you work on? Trying to treat you like a lap dog or little boy instead of a man? Don’t accept such nonsense in the person you’re supposed to have such a close relationship with. Even you guys reading this who have very low self-esteem, you deserve respect! If she isn’t capable of giving it, then she’s not worth it. Also, if you don’t respect her for whatever reason, that another sign it’s time to end it.

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No, I don’t want to spend time with you….really, just go away.

Some relationships get to the point where you simply cannot stand to be around her on a regular basis. It’s not that you’ve been fighting or anything and on the surface everything seems completely fine. It’s when she texts you, you curse. When she asks to hang out, you would do anything to avoid it. Frankily, it’s just being annoyed and over with the whole process. I remember dating one girl in particular, who towards the end of our relationship, I just couldn’t stand anymore. She would call, I would try to end the conversation as quickly as possible. She’d ask to hang out, I’d decline. It got to the point where she wanted to see some chick flick movie, and I walked out of the theater, because I had a moment of clarity of me having better things to do with my time. Dick move, right? Maybe, but if things get to this point of annoyance with them, just end the relationship quickly because it’s a sinking ship.

No Trust

You need to be able to trust your girlfriend on a deep level. That’s just part of the deal of being together. Sure, girls who are just hookups, you don’t need too much trust invested in them but once she steps up to the girlfriend level, you’d better be able to rely on her. An honest relationship is a healthy relationship and constant trust issues undermine it. If you cannot trust her on a very deep level, don’t keep her around because she hot or she’s cool to hang out with, there are like 4 billion women…you can do better than settling. Also, if your girlfriend cheated on you there are two steps you need to take.

  1. Slap yourself for staying with her.
  2. Dump her ass immediately.

Cheating is always grounds for breaking up, no excuses. If she violates your trust, then she doesn’t respect you, which we’ve already gone over as a sign to break up. She’s making this a really easy decision at this point, isn’t she?

All of these signs are things that should be considered when deciding whether or not to dump your girlfriend. Take the time to analyze your relationship and decide whether or not she is really worth hanging on to. This is a really important decision to make, you don’t want to spend years with or even marry the wrong person when you simply don’t have to. If your needs aren’t being met in a relationship then it is perfectly fine to move on with your life. You cannot feel guilty about breaking up with someone, even if it is really tough to do. This is your life and you should decide who you want to really be a part of it.