Best Nike Running Shoes for Men 2014

Nike is a company which has a long history of providing stylish, comfortable, and responsive athletic clothing and equipment to those both training for and competing in sport. Nike also makes their equipment available to the amateur athlete or fitness enthusiast and among that equipment is what launched the brand, the running shoe. I have owned many pairs of Nike’s over the years and can’t say that I’ve ever personally had a bad pair. Maybe I’ve just been lucky or maybe there have just been plenty of designs available that work well for my particular needs. Choosing the right running shoe is highly important because it will help to keep you healthy and lessen the wear and tear of running over the long haul. Each person has their own foot size, shape, and structure. Not to mention how their foot strikes the ground with each stride, so individual fit and comfort is a top priority for running shoes and style can take a backseat. Not to worry, you won’t have to run in ugly shoes because Nike’s design team creates some stylish and functional running shoes to work for all types of feet. This post is but a mere sampling of possibilities from Nike but one’s I feel are among their very best.

Note: I’ve linked each pair directly to it’s own page on either the Nike Store website or Most of these shoes also have further customer reviews there, so read those too if a pair strikes your fancy.

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Nike Zoom Vomero +8: The Vomero has been improved a bit of its predecessor, while it maintains its comfort and stability while running, the shoe is noticeably lighter (around 11.9 oz). The Vomero has great support in the heel of the shoe to help lessen the impact from whatever surface you may choose to run on.

Nike Lunareclipse +3: If you’re a runner, the concept of pronation, is an important factor for deciding on which shoe you will wear. The Lunareclipse +3 is designed for those who tend to overpronate, not extreme cases mind you, but those who overpronate mildly to moderately. Learn all about pronation here to help you figure which category you fall under. While the Lunareclipse +3 is about an ounce heavier than the Vomero, it provides excellent stability and comfort while maintaining style.

Nike Air Max Tailwind +5: A 14oz running shoe that provides excellent breathability and cushioning for runner’s who tend to have neutral pronation or underpronate. The Tailwind has a 1.5 inch heel due to the Air-Sole support units on the bottom of the heel. A great option for those who demand cushioning.

Nike Revolution 2: I own a pair of these and really enjoy them. First, the price right now is between 50-60 bucks, which is great if you go through multiple pairs. Also,  I enjoy how the Revolution 2’s really feel like they are cradling my feet while I run. While these shoes aren’t my favorites they are still very good and I use them a few times per week. The Revolution 2 works best for neutral pronation runners.

Nike Air Pegasus +30: The Air Pegasus is a classic Nike running shoe, which has been around for over 30 years, and for good reason. The Pegasus is light and comfortable, with enough support for those who enjoy running on pavement. Voted a Best Buy by Runner’s World.

Nike Free 3.0: Nike Free’s are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, there are many runners who swear by them. The Nike Free’s are designed to be minimalist and to be as close to natural barefoot running as possible. The Nike Free’s are available in 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0, with each successive number adding a bit more support. I own a pair of Free Run 3’s in the 5.0 style, which has the most support and I love running in these shoes. I plan on purchasing more pairs in the future.

Nike Dual Fusion TR 5 Premium: These are trainers with a bit more bulk to them than the other options on this list. However, I wanted to include a pair of trainers for those who like to run on a variety of surfaces and aren’t necessarily pure distance runners (I’m not a long distance guy either). I had a pair of these before and found them to be fantastic in terms of support and traction. Plus, these shoes were really durable mine lasted well over a year with almost continuous use.

There you have it, the best Nike running shoes for men, in my opinion. Check out each of these shoes to determine which one will best fit with both your style of running and the structure of your feet. I tried to include a variety of options that would cover most types of feet but what works well for me may not be the right style for you, so take your time. Running is great exercise but can be hell on your feet and joints, choosing the right running shoe can help lower your injury risk significantly and keep pain at bay. Find a pair that works well for you and happy running.