Financing Your Lifestyle: Creating Passive Income Online

Many people seem to have a desire to forgo the corporate world and live a financially independent life whether that be through creating art, starting their own business, or developing websites to increase their passive income. Passive income can be a bit of a misnomer because there is plenty of work involved when trying to make money online but if you can establish a cash flow it is pretty much just a matter of maintaining it. I want this website to be about personal development for guys in their teens or twenties who want to live their ideal lifestyles and shed their fears, anxieties, and socially conditioned behaviors. Part of developing as a person is having time to dedicate towards getting better at whatever it is you wish to pursue and that can be very difficult while in school and/or work full-time. Add to the fact we have the pleasure of living in a time in which jobs and opportunities previous generations had are drying up or becoming more difficult to attain, taking control of your financial life can be one of the most important choices you can make. Now, I want to state that I have not yet broken through completely but I do derive a significant portion of my income from online ventures that I am working to grow. This website isn’t a great example of a money maker and that’s not necessarily its purpose but I can tell you that if you are willing to put in the work each day you can start to have money come to you each month aside from having the normal 9 to 5. Let’s take a look at some sources.

Writing for other Sites

Content sites or web 2.0 properties are a good way to make passive income, if you have the patience and the skill to get ranked. These sites have the advantage of having thousands of contributors like me who produce articles, videos, or audio about what they have some knowledge in and together create millions of pages worth of content that is readily indexed within search engines like Google. This kind of website will have more clout than one you create yourself so it’s easier to get visitors to come read what you have to say.

These sites have differing pay schemes that have advantages and disadvantages but I’ll share some examples of these type of sites and what you can expect.

Yahoo! Voices

Yahoo bought the rights to the website formerly known as Associated Content a few years ago. They seem to have made the submission process a bit more stringent than it was before. Nowadays it takes about a week for them to review my articles when before I just hit a button and it was up on the site.

The great thing about this site is that you get paid based on the number of views your content brings in and not based on advertisement clicks. The more views you get the higher you climb up their levels from 1-10 which means you get paid more. Level 1 starts off with $1.50 per 1,000 page views while a level 10 like me makes $2.00 per 1,000 page views. It does take a while to begin to bring in traffic so the money won’t be great at first but keep chipping away because it can pay off, this site brings in about $115 each month for me, just based on work which in many cases I wrote 3 years ago! It’s pretty cool to get paid good money still for something I took 45 minutes to write back in 2010.


HubPages is a bit tougher to crack than Yahoo! Voices but it does provide an opportunity to make even more money than its counterpart. Hubpages pays money in a few ways, one way is by using Google Adsense as a revenue sharing method based on the number of advertisements clicked. This can make great money if your hubs are getting traffic but if not you really won’t make anything. You can also get paid through Amazon and Ebay affiliate sales, so if you write about shoes and put up so affiliate links that show different kinds of shoes you will get commission if someone buys them.

There are people that are Hubpages success stories who make hundreds or over a thousand each month from their hubs but I’m not one of them. I have made some decent money here and there off of Hubpages but it has been inconsistent.  Still worth a try if you learn how to use it effectively.


Bukisa used to be amazing back in 2009 or so. The payout back then was $3.17 per 1,000 page views and for a while I had a sweet combo of Bukisa and Associated Content going that got me a nice bit of money transferred to my account each month. The bad news is that the payment system is now based on advertising clicks and not pure traffic and the site doesn’t have the same juice within Google to consistently compete for the top spot even with good SEO (search engine optimization). I haven’t created a new article for them in years but I still do get clicks every once in a while from my now meager traffic, so a few bucks is still worth keeping those posts up.


Squidoo makes money mostly off of affiliate revenue. This is a site where you create informative ‘lenses’ to get traffic and then make money in a few ways. I hate this site, lots of people swear it’s a great asset but I’ve never figured it out. They won’t index your work unless you meet all of their requirements of putting up pictures and different stuff that is supposed to be for the reader but just becomes annoying to produce. Also, once I’ve produced the content and met their requirements my post will be de-indexed and therefore unable to be read because they say I need to update it again. I’ve made nothing off of this site and to me it isn’t worth the frustration, other people seem to do well on it so if you want to have a go with it be my guest.

Doing Work for Clients

Freelance work can be a great source of income if you play it right. It isn’t passive and you probably won’t see any residual income but it is useful to make quick cash when you need it. Here are a few places you can find work:


Textbroker is a website that pairs writers with companies or individual clients who need creative to write up content for them. The pay is often pretty good and it gets better based on your ranking. You are required to submit a short writing sample based on a prompt they give you and you will be rate on a scale of 1-5. It is very important that you try hard on here because if you rank below 3 stars you won’t have much opportunity to work and it’s best to aim for 4 stars because many avenues open up for you.

Essentially how Textbroker works is that there will be a database of open orders to choose from with specific instructions on what you are supposed to write and how long the content will be. Follow these instructions to the letter and ask the client for clarification if needed! Doing excellent work, will make clients give you high ratings and come back to you for more and often they’ll pay more in the future for your services. One of the first clients I worked for, raved about the article I did for his website and kept requesting me to write more posts to fill out his website in the future. I ultimately had to turn him down as I was extremely busy with school but that could have yielded plenty of money off one relationship. You can get to a level where you will be offered hundreds of dollars to write a series of articles or a short ebook. If you’re willing to work and can demonstrate writing skills this can become a full-time job.


Mechanical Turk from Amazon has a list of tasks from clients that you can perform for pay. Some of them are writing articles and others are filling out surveys. The writing usually doesn’t pay much so I don’t do any writing on this site but there will often be surveys that will pay $1 for ten minutes or so of your time, so make $3 bucks in half an hour while watching TV. Not much but it could get you $90 a month.

Creating Your Own Content

Niche Sites

Niche websites are simple enough in their concept. You choose a topic, say novel writing, and then proceed to build a website around that topic. So for our example, you may have posts about plotting a novel, how to create characters, writing about emotions, etc. Each of these posts pertains to the larger topic of how to write a novel. With time and effort you can build traffic to your site and bring in revenue through per-click advertisement like Google Adsense, affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, or creating your own product (to stay with the example, writing an eBook or full teaching program about writing novels).

Building your own websites can be a great way to create passive income and the sky is the limit to how much you can make off of them. The website could also simply become a business you create that doesn’t rely on having your own warehouse or storefront, you can sell other people’s products for them and reap a percentage of the profits.

To build your own website does require some initial investment of money but it really isn’t all that much: $15-17 to purchase a domain name and usually between $4.95-7.95 a month for website hosting. All of which could easily be paid for by doing the aforementioned examples of freelance writing and content creation.  I use Hostgator for my websites and I have never had a problem with them, the one time I called customer service I got a real person in America to talk to, who answered all of my questions quickly.

Setting up a website is fairly easy nowadays and you really don’t need to know how to code or anything, there are plugins that will handle just about anything you need. However, it can be a process to learn how to rank a website, get traffic, and to make money off of the website, so I’ll get to work on creating posts about specifics of how to do this.

Host Your Website with Hostgator


YouTube has a program that shares advertising revenue will people who create videos for the site. However, it is by invitation only, so you have to create videos that get plenty of traffic before they will extend an invitation but it is said to make a good bit of money if you have the viewers. YouTube videos can work in conjunction with your niche website, as you can create videos or podcasts about a particular topic your website deals with and then put a link in the video to direct people towards your site. This drives traffic but also might be able to eventually get you an invite to the YouTube revenue program.

Amazon Kindle

If you are a writer or creative type, then Amazon is a great place to sell you ebooks for Kindle. If your dream is to write novels and you built that example website we mentioned, then this is the ideal place to sell your own books and reap the profit of Amazon’s 100 million or so visitors each day. I think it would be the best idea to have a successful website first before you sell a book on Kindle so that you actually have an audience all ready to go and support your efforts.

Okay, so I’ve give some different avenues to help you make some money if you don’t have a job or to supplement your income so that you can have a bit more flexibility with your life. These are all legit ways to make money online and you will be able to get something from at least some of them if you put forth the effort and learn the ins and outs of doing so. Like I said, I plan on writing more about developing websites in the future along with other topics involving self-improvement and getting girls. Hopefully, this was helpful and pointed you in the right direction.