How to Hustle Hard

Hustle is a word that has a variety of meanings based on its usage. In the street vernacular, hustle is often associated with selling drugs but it can be applied to any other money making venture. Selling t-shirts is a hustle, buying a product low wholesale and then flipping it from the back of your trunk for a higher price is a hustle, etc. Hustle is also used in the world of sports, usually someone chasing down a loose ball for instance or not giving up on a play defensively. In either case, hustle is essentially buckling down and putting in work, even if you have to make something out of nothing or go a unique route to accomplish it. I want to use the term to explore some concepts that will help you not only to make money with a side hustle but that can also be applied to any other goals or ventures that you may have in your life, from picking up girls to pursuing an education. These aren’t necessarily hard and fast rules on how to hustle but if you bring them into your own life, your success rate in whatever you do will probably climb a lot.

Have a Greater Goal in Mind

If you’re a student, you may have some idea of what you want to do after you finish school. For example, if your dream is to become a doctor that might be your greater goal or it might be a step on the path. Either way, it is really easy to get bogged down and lose sight of what you wanted to accomplish in the first place. You want to be a doctor, but you forget why you want to pursue that profession while you’re sitting in the library studying for an English exam. Having a greater goal propels you forward during the dark times or simply during the times when your focus is lacking.

Wanting to be a doctor is great but that can often be too vague for your mind to be inspired by. Maybe you really want to be chief or surgery or use the skills you learn as a doctor to treat those who lack access to proper medicine. Whatever the case may be, visualize and revisit each day what that underlying motivation is and how you’re going to get there from where you are now. You won’t want to put in the extra hours that it takes or fight through the pain, if you don’t have a clear sense of where you want to end up.

Break Down that Greater Goal into Smaller Steps

Having a greater goal in mind can point you in the direction you want to head but how will you actually get there? It’s kind of like standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and saying Europe’s over there…great, but what steps would you need to take to make it there? Greater goals give us hope but the smaller steps are what make our dreams a reality. Having smaller goals within the framework of your larger path helps to keep the dream alive and also gives you smaller checkpoints along the way that can help to measure if you’re on the right path.

If your goal is to create a successful website, that you can make a full-time income from, that could be considered a greater goal. However, you will need to break that greater goal down into things like marketing, generating revenue, creating content, etc. Those more general ideas can be broken down further and further until you get down to something like, “I will write one new article each day this week and email 10 other websites to ask if I could do a guest post to help build traffic.” That is something more specific and measurable. You can measure whether or not you wrote one new post each day this week and that is something that can help springboard you to a higher level towards accomplishing your major goal.

Always Learn More

Learning more and more about the world around you and whatever specific topic your specific goal pertains you will help keep you grounded and open you up to new ideas. For example, when I first started to try and get dates or pick up girls I was utterly clueless towards what I should do. I started reading a lot of advice put forth by various pick up artists and other guys and this helped me a lot. However, had I just stopped there I never would have made the identity-level shift, that allowed my confidence to grow ever higher. It was only when I started reading more philosophy, that things really fell into place for me, and I never looked back.

Too often we get caught up in fantasies and then these fantasies creep in to our mind, presenting themselves as our expectations as to how things should go. By constantly learning more, you have to revise your perspective on things, which helps you to be more fluid and open to the possibility that you have been doing things wrong. Learning more also helps to see the world as it really is, which allows you to solve your problems honestly.

Reading books, articles, and the like, will lead to your experimentation and exploration of new ideas and methods. Learn to stop completely pre-judging things based on how you believe it really is and try to learn how it actually is. Experiment with the ideas you pick-up, so that you can learn first-hand whether or not they are truly valuable to your cause or if you were wrong about that idea the whole time. Try to create connections between the things you read and experience and apply these new synthesized ideas to your life and how you will operate in the future.

Solve Problems by Getting to the Root Cause

There are many variables that lie just below the surface if you are willing to dig for them. Don’t misjudge a situation or a problem by concluding that what you initially suspect is anything more than a surface problem. For instance, if you feel lonely it isn’t because you are alone. It probably has to do with your ego and fears and the loneliness is just how it manifests itself. There are always deeper reasons and meanings behind why things happen and if you’re honest with yourself you can get closer to the truth. The more often you dig to the depths of situations, the stronger your mind will become and you can keep yourself aligned with the truth and keep yourself from deceiving yourself.

Take an Indirect Route toward Your Goal

Sometimes taking something head on can be disastrous. If you are out of shape and have a poor diet, the most direct path would be to overhaul your diet and start working out more. However, this is the path that most people take and it often fails. An indirect approach in that situation might be to work on your mind first, eliminating the triggers which cause you to overeat and building discipline so that working out just becomes a habit. Know that going direct isn’t always the most effective method in every situation. There are times when something is so entrenched and has so much power the only way to defeat it is by taking an indirect route and slowly encircling it. If you are not ready to face a certain challenge head-on yet, give yourself options and ways that you can slowly erode its power until you have the means to break down that last step towards your goal.

Learn How to Be Bored

Outside of work or school we often find ourselves with idle time that usually gets eaten up by distraction. It’s easy to get done with an eight hour shift and simply turn on the TV and zone out for the rest of the night. But where is that going to get you? There are plenty of distractions
that will take away our free time, if we let them. Take this time back and turn towards fulfilling one of the steps of your goals.  Use TV and movies as a treat for a job well-done. For instance, if you’ve gotten home from your day job all week long and then put in work on your goals afterwards, take one night out of the week the reward yourself and clear your mind. Just don’t sit there like a slug every night.

Let go of things and keep your mind clear of petty ego based problems. Emotions and negative thought patterns can wreak havoc on your life if you don’t recognize them for what they are and learn to move past them. Hanging on to these emotions and patterns will make you feel as if you need to escape from reality and hence look to distraction. For instance, if you try to get a girl’s number and she rejects you, let it go and don’t take it as a sign that you’re hopeless or no woman will ever love you. Instead, brush off the rejection but take a look at your approach, appearance, or even the words you spoke. Use what you learn for the next time you find yourself in such a situation. Don’t in that situation, fall back into drinking or entertainment to hide your wounds and never have to face rejection ever again, that’s a punk move.

Develop your focus. Focus is what will allow you to get through the boring steps necessary to reach your ultimate goal. Not everything can be fun or glorious. Goals take work and it isn’t always the most interesting thing in the world. If your focus is terrible, learn how to harness it over time. You may need to study a lot of books to accomplish your goal for example, but you can’t make yourself sit down and read. Why not start out with 15 minutes a day at first and work your way up to a heavier load? Remember, that small progressions are still progress so don’t discount these little steps along the way.

Everyone who wants to accomplish a goal needs some hustle in order to get it done. The problem is people get set on the wrong path or don’t have the clarity needed to make their hustle turn into something fruitful. By applying these principles to your own hustle you can increase your rate of success and use each victory as a stepping stone towards that ultimate goal you have.