Best Smelling Cologne for Men: Top Sellers and Best Fragrance

Cologne and fragrance advertisements can be a bit ridiculous sometimes with their scenes of women trying to rip the clothes off a well-scented man. Cologne isn’t meant to be the sole attraction device or a magic formula, rather, it should be subtle and non-verbal invitation for a woman to get closer. Yes, the right scent can make her want to draw closer, but too often guys either pick a terrible cologne or go overboard with the amounts they use. There are untold thousands of colognes available on the market, so trying to figure out which one is the best or which one you will personally like can take some time. Just grabbing the most popular cologne will sometimes make you undistinguishable from every other guy out there when it can be good to have a unique or signature scent that works well anywhere and can drive girls wild (I make no promises). For this post, I want to create a sort of guide for choosing the right cologne for you, present the best-selling colognes, and my own personal picks so you can copy my style if you so choose.

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Choosing the Best Cologne for You

It is important to understand that the scent of cologne is not static, meaning, it changes based on time and body chemistry. Like any other fashion choice, cologne also has to be tailored for specific functions and social events. For instance, a stronger scent, probably shouldn’t be worn at work or at least the amount should be way less than normal. At a night club, however, cologne that has a sexy kind of vibe would work because it can command attention (hopefully in a good way).

Cologne has different layers of varying scents that are referred to as notes. Over time these notes (3 in total) come out to present the cologne’s full fragrance. A cologne like Opium by YSL, really disappointed me when I first opened the bottle, however, it settled after a few minutes and turned into a really great Vanilla scent with hints of some Middle Eastern spice. The cologne that I wore didn’t resemble at all my first impressions upon smelling the fragrance from the bottle.

When you try out colognes give them close to an hour to settle and see how you feel about the scent after that time. You may discover that the cologne has shifted into a different scent then you expected or that the great cologne you found tends to evaporate quickly. Either way take some time so that you don’t make an expensive purchase you won’t end up using. Also, most places, even online retailers, have small samples of cologne for free or for a few bucks so that you can try it out for a few days to really see how it reacts to your body.

Once you have sorted out a few colognes that you like the smell of then it is time to consider some other factors. What is your lifestyle like? If you spend you’re days sitting in an office or in a classroom you probably don’t want something very strong that will overpower and annoy those around you. In those situations you might opt for something a bit more subtle and light, perhaps a citrus blend of fragrance. Knowing where you’ll be is important because some colognes aren’t for everyday situations and are more for the nightlife or more romantic endeavors. For this reason it may be that you should consider buying more than one bottle of cologne in smaller sizes so that you can choose the best one for the right occasion. Also, the weather is a factor in what kind of cologne you should wear because some fragrances have a tendency to evaporate quickly or change in hotter temperatures and you might not get the desired effect.

How Do You Wear Cologne and How Much Is Too Much?

We’ve all had experiences in which someone has walked by us and left a trail of cologne in their wake and most of the time they are wearing the cheapest and most nauseating fragrance that you can imagine. This gentleman is what we want to avoid. Remember that no cologne is always better than too much cologne. So what is the right amount? Two sprays is usually quite adequate to be smelling great but not having people gasping for air in your presence. In fact people should only be able to smell you when they are within a few feet or leaning in for close conversation. Look at it as if it was clothing, loud fabrics and bright colors will get you attention but it isn’t the type of attention you want.

As far as areas of the body where you should spray keep it basic, the neck, wrists, or chest. Do not spray your clothes with cologne because it can damage the fabric or stain it completely.

What are the Best Selling Colognes?

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Acqua Di Gio– Has been popular for years and for good reason. Seems like everyone has this cologne but I really do enjoy this one. Pretty expensive and not really unique but it’s hard to go wrong with Acqua Di Gio.

Dolce & Gabbana (Sample size available)- The titular scent of this company. It’s nice but not the best scent from this company in my opinion.

Burberry Brit– A pretty sophisticated scent and not too overpowering. Nice, clean, and modern. Burberry seems to always come out with some great colognes. Brit is a versatile cologne that is appropriate for just about any occasion.

Drakkar Noir– (Sample size available) I’m personally not crazy about this one but people seem to like it, as it always sells well.

Curve by Liz Claiborne(Sample Size Available) Usually a best-seller. Lavender-type smell with a hint of spice. I like this stuff and have used some before, it’s really a pleasant scent.

Polo– Polo has a real outdoorsy and masculine smell to it. A classic fragrance that debuted in the 1970s.

Joop!- Joop! seems like it was made for the night life and is also inexpensive. Not terrible but not my cup of tea either. Try a sample and see if it works for you.

L’Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake– Has a strong scent that people like. I enjoy it as well but it’s definitely not my go to bottle of cologne, too overpowering sometimes.


Other Best-Sellers I’m not Familiar With

JeanPaul Gaultier

CK One



What is the Best Smelling Men’s Cologne in My Opinion?

Well taste in cologne is obviously going to be subjective but the following colognes are ones that I use and gotten great responses from women while wearing.

The One by Dolce & Gabbana– Alright, first of all, I love this scent. However, it tends to fade quickly which sucks because it really is fantastic. So, I can’t recommend buying a larger bottle of this because of how quick it evaporates but this to me has to rank in the best scents.

Creed Aventus (Available at Fragrancenet)– Creed is a brand known for colognes that smell amazing and Aventus is among the best it has to offer. Aventus features notes of black currant, French apples, Italian bergamot, royal pineapple, and Moroccan jasmine. Here is a list of the top six Creed fragrances for men.

Kourous Body by YSL Girls seem to love this cologne, as I have received many complements about it. It blends incense and eucalyptus that gives it a fairly sweet smell. Also, it’s not too well known either, most people who ask me what I’m wearing have never heard of it.

Armani CodeThis is another best-selling cologne but its popularity is well-deserved. It’s clean and not overpowering but it will draw complements.

L’Instant De Guerlain by Guerlain With notes that include sandalwood and cocoa bean, this fragrance spells class, from the first wear. Not amongst the best sellers but it is a great find for those looking for something of a signature scent.

Burberry London– More of a woodsy smell. Very masculine and crisp. My favorite Burberry cologne, though I haven’t tried their latest one.

Egoiste Platinum by Chanel (Couldn’t find any available)– Chanel No. 5 is the classic ladies scent but Egoiste Platinum for men is amongst the best smelling colognes that I have ever come across.

Gucci Pour Homme– (Travel size Available for around $10) Very unique and just a fantastic fragrance. I don’t think they produce it anymore, though, you might still find a bottle.

Polo Blue– A really fresh scent that won’t overpower but will draw plenty of desired attention.


Okay, I’ve presented you with plenty of options to choose from and have given you my own opinion on the best scents. Keep in mind that not all colognes work for every guy and every lifestyle, so get the right scent for you. Remember that cologne should accentuate and not dominate. Keep the sprays to a minimum and never be obnoxious with the amount of cologne you wear.