I’ve bought a couple of Fleshlight sleeves over the past decade, which I would invariably use for a few months, and then discard once it had worn down a bit. I have gone years between ownership of these ‘pocket pussy’ toys and found them useful at times when I would enter a period of elective celibacy. In the past few months, I’ve once again decided to take a break from the dating world for a while, and in order to maintain that…I thought it was time for a new Fleshlight. Once I got to their website, I discovered that they had a new product, Launch powered by Kiiroo which would automate the Fleshlight experience and could even be paired with a virtual reality set up for a total fantasy experience. Since I’ve had the Launch for about a month or so, I figured that I’d write a detailed review on the pros and cons of the device for those who are considering purchase.


What is Launch?

Launch is a fully automated companion to Fleshlight, which if you don’t know is a male sex toy, designed to feel like a real pussy. And before you say that I don’t need such a thing, it is indeed much better than your hand. Launch itself is not only automated but also equipped to be fully interactive. If you have a virtual reality headset, you can use it in conjunction with Launch to get exclusive VR content that match the rhythm and stroke of the girl in the virtual reality video.

Now, I don’t have a virtual reality headset, so I cannot actually review that aspect of Launch. But you don’t actually need VR because along with the interactive mode, there is also manual mode, which is what I’ve been using.

Introducing Fleshlight Launch

OK, so off the bat, this thing does look funny. For MST3K fans out there, it looks like the robotic arm laser from that movie Laserblast, and yes I held it on my arm as such. Launch is almost 13 inches in length and I measured it’s circumference at the widest point at about 19 inches. I’d say that with a Fleshlight sleeve in, this set up weighs about 4-5 lbs, which sounds like a lot but it is actually quite comfortable. I mean, most chicks are going to weigh at least 100 lbs, and more than likely closer to the 150 lb range of things…so this is nothing.

Yes, you have to purchase a Fleshlight sleeve and standard size case separately from Launch. However, they do have combo packs that can lower the total cost. Launch itself is (as of writing) $199.99, which is less than a dollar a day, for a full year (which is what the warranty is) and if it lasts longer, it’s even cheaper.

I paired my Fleshlight Launch with the Jessica Drake Heavenly sleeve. It’s part of their Fleshlight Girls line of sleeves, which are molded after various porn actresses vaginas. I chose that one because of the tightness and inner design, it’s the best of the three sleeves that I’ve bought over the years.

So, in the box you receive:

  • Launch
  • USB charging cable
  • Instructional manual
  • Registration and warranty

In addition to that, I bought:

  • Heavenly sleeve/case
  • Two pack of lube (don’t forget this)
  • Antibacterial cleaner


How does Launch Work and Feel?

My Launch came charged up to an extent. It wasn’t fully charged but it was more than enough to get a full session in. You simply use the USB cable to hook it up to your computer or other device and it will begin to charge. The full charge does take hours to do but just getting it charged for one session can be done in less than an hour.

Warm your Fleshlight up with hot water and get it lubed up once it is ready. The Fleshlight toy locks into place within the Launch and you are ready to begin use.

My main gripe with the Launch is the control set up. Once you hold the power button down for three seconds, the device turns on, but then there is another step before it begins stroking that is annoying as hell sometimes. There is a blinking blue light and in order to get it started, you have to apply pressure to around the area of the blinking blue light (no, it’s not just a simple button to push…) and it doesn’t always want to respond. It usually isn’t that bad, but sometimes when you accidentally stop Launch during use and the flashing blue light comes back on, it can be a pain in the ass.

Okay, so each side of Launch has controls. Left side controls speed and the right side controls stroke length and depth. You have to apply pressure while sliding your fingers to adjust the levels to your desired outcome. It does take a few uses to become adept at using the Launch controls and the first time using it was pretty irritating. Once you figure it out, it’s easy.

Yep, you can go long and slow strokes that go deep down on you. Likewise, you can do short and fast strokes (potentially up to 180 strokes per minute on the fastest setting…depends on one’s penor size). Pretty much any combination of speed, depth, and stroke length you can think of. This is fantastic.

Launch is a hands-free device. Which means, you can just set it in your lap and let it go to town. Though, I will say that it doesn’t really stand up well on it’s own, due to the shape of the device. I use a couple of pillows to act as a support so that Launch stays upright during use. That works perfectly fine and I don’t have to do anything aside from adjusting the speed, depth, and length of the stroke.

BUT How does it Feel?

To me, Launch definitely makes the Fleshlight better. If you’ve never owned a Fleshlight toy, it is a pretty big step below real sex but feels better than using your hand. The main gripe about the regular Fleshlight without Launch, is that it does tire out your hand more. Although, I always preferred to have it held in place and hit it in a sort of missionary position, as that was the most realistic feel.

With Launch, I have total control over how the Fleshlight maneuvers, and can just sit back and relax. That in itself is an amazing feature, but how does it compare to other sexual experiences?

So, Launch obviously cannot compensate in the emotional, human connection department. Also, the visual aspect of sex is lacking if you don’t use the virtual reality.

OK, but based on the physical sensation alone, how does it compare?

It is better than a fair number of blow jobs I’ve received in my life. But not as good as others.

Launch is not as good as real sex without a condom. But of course it doesn’t carry the pregnancy and STD risk either.

Launch actually is better than some women I’ve had sex with while wearing a condom. Not all, but there are definitely a few, that I can say unequivocally that Launch has beat.

Does Launch fully replace sex? No. It is way better than manual masturbation and close enough to the real thing that you’ll be happy and not have to worry about any potential consequences. Plus, if you’re inexperienced with real sex, this thing will almost definitely help with your stamina.

It is the closest replication of a woman riding or blowing you that you’re going to get without having an actual human being present for sex.


Is it Loud?

It can be somewhat loud on the fastest setting. It emits a sound that is like an old 90s ink jet printer. So, if privacy is an issue, keep it on slower strokes, or use when you’re home alone. On the slower settings, it’s actually pretty damn quiet…which is a good setting if you want to simulate a BJ.

Also, make sure you don’t get it wet or take it around the shower, the lady ain’t waterproof.


Overall, is Fleshlight Launch Worth It?

I’m honestly really happy with it. As I said, I like to take breaks from the sexual marketplace, and just be alone for long stretches of time. For my purposes, it’s exactly what I needed. Added to the fact, that it definitely a lot better than regular masturbation.

Launch cannot fully replicate sex, but when you get this close, it’s still a very satisfying experience. It’s pretty great that I can get such a good release, anytime I want to, regardless if I have a girlfriend or not. The super fast strokes are amazing!

I do wish they did a better job with the controls, but once you understand how to use it, they aren’t a problem. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints, and I dig it completely.

Who should consider buying Fleshlight Launch?

  • Any guy who wants an upgrade on their current masturbation routine
  • Any guy who is quitting a porn addiction. This is a great substitute to handle urges, instead of watching porn.
  • Any guy who no longer wants to date.
  • Any guy who is ‘saving themselves’ for marriage
  • Inexperienced guys or those who cannot currently get dates. I don’t mean throw in the towel and stop trying but Launch is a useful device to help satisfy unfulfilled desires.